Friday, September 21, 2018


“Courage is not the absence of fear but    the triumph over it”
Meet Subhash Gokul Patil, a world class Taekwondo Coach with numerous achievements and a zeal to make world class taekwondo players. Taekwondo was never on his mind as a child. He was ambitious to become an Inspector. He joined IPS Mumbai in 1999 and got encouraged by President of Taekwondo Maharashtra Association to play his first taekwondo Championship. He got his first break in 2004 when he was selected as the coach for junior India team in Olympics. In the same event, he won his first gold medal when he participated in Taekwondo Masters’ World Championship.

His achievement motivated him to train himself under the guidance of International coaches for one month in gyms and clubs in Korea. He did his referee certification from Israel in 2009 and was selected as referee in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. There was no looking back after this. He was chosen referee for Commonwealth games held in 2014 and 2018 respectively. He was awarded the best referee in 2014 in Scotland.

“Karnala Sports Academy is where I found my inspiration” says Subhash. Apart from selecting and training at least 20-25 children from Raigad district every year, he conducts self- defence workshops for women and corporate employees all across rural and urban Mumbai areas. He is known for mentoring international and Olympic level champions from junior and senior categories.

“Taekwondo is not only an art but a necessity in the current world. I believe that every woman should know this art of self- defence.”
Subhash feels a sense of pride when he comes to know of stories where his women disciples have defended themselves in ugly situations.

When we asked Subhash in what way has taekwondo evolved over a period of time?
He says “taekwondo has come a long way. We see many young girls learning self- defence these days. Over a period of time the sport has swept its way through many rural areas, institutes, schools and colleges. Our international achievers reserve 5% sports quota throughout their education”.

According to Subhash the key attributes to learn taekwondo are discipline, respect and mental preparation. It is the best stamina building sport accompanied with strength and fitness.

His passion towards the art has taken him to every nook and corner of the world. He expresses his complete gratitude to Mr Vivek Patil, founder of Karnala Sports Academy for being a strong support throughout his career. Subhash has completed many refresher courses from time to time and kept himself up to date with the latest skills.
Subhash wants to live his dream of getting gold for India in Olympics and also getting selected as a referee in the next Olympics to be held in 2020.
Karnala Sports Academy is proud to be associated with Subhash Gokul Patil!!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Through her words -The journey of Suma Shirur

“All my life, I worked towards going to the Olympics. I experienced great joy when I qualified for the Olympics with a world record score and eventually made it to the finals at the Athens Olympics, 2004. The thirst continues; the passion overflows for the game as coach”. These are the words of the world class Olympic shooter, the one and only Suma Shirur.
Her family is a family of scholars with doctorates, yet she never distracted herself from chasing her dreams of becoming a world champion in the field of rifle shooting. With immense excitement we bring you the insights of her journey, her beliefs and approach towards her career and achievements through her words.

What were your aspirations in childhood?
Suma: I was always attracted to sports. My aspirations were definitely more inclined towards something in sports.

How did Rifle Shooting happen to you?
Suma: I did reasonably well in small bore rifle shooting for the first time in SIES Sion through NCC. That was also the first time I was introduced to this sport. I was spotted by Sir Sanjay Chakravarty, a Dronacharya awardee, who mentored and groomed me in the sport along with Mr B.P.Bam in my formative years. That’s how it all started.
Every successful person definitely has his share of initial struggles. What was that for Suma Shirur?
Suma: Back then there were hardly any shooting facilities in Navi Mumbai. I had to travel to MRA, Worli from Panvel by bus, two and a half hours each way to practise shooting. Also there was a lack of access to the right and best equipment in those days which I believe was a challenge for aspiring shooters like me.

When did you get your first major break?
Suma: My first major break came in 2002 at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, where I won medals in the individual and team events of 10 metre air rifle.

What was that one turn around point of your career?
Suma: When I made the world record by scoring the maximum of 400 points in the qualification round, at the 2004 Asian Shooting Championships in Kuala Lumpur. There was no looking back for me then. This was a do or die opportunity for me since this was also my last chance to qualify for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.
Suma stormed into the finals of 2004 Athens Olympics. The podium finish eluded her though. She dedicates her achievement to her coach Laszlo who drafted a fantastic plan for her leading up to the Olympics in August throughout the summer of 2004.
All successful sportspersons have their highs and lows. Suma believes in handling her low points by keeping an affirmative outlook and with a positive introspection. Meeting her coach Gaby Buhrmann of Germany was an event that changed her entire outlook to shooting as an athlete and as a coach. Suma was inspired to share her learning with the next generation shooters and wanted to give it back to the society. That’s when she decided to come up with Lakshya Shooting Academy, Panvel.

What do you believe is the proper role of parents in any athletic program?
Suma: Parents play a very important role in moulding a child’s interest into a career. They have to be supportive of their child without putting the burden of expectations on him or her. They must give unconditional support and have faith in the coach.

How do you think Rifle Shooting has evolved across years?
Suma: From being a fringe or niche sport a couple of decades ago, to becoming the priority sport of our country, shooting has come a long way.

What according to Suma Shirur are the three key attributes to become a good rifle shooter?
Suma: Hard work, good hand eye coordination and balance.

Last but not the least, The Arjuna Award, how did you feel when it came? Were you intimated in advance or was it a surprise?
Suma: It was a surprise. It was one of the high points of my career, receiving it from the favourite President of India – A P J Abdul Kalam.
“Every woman achiever needs a good support system” is what Suma Shirur says. For her, the journey would have not been an easy one without the unstinted family support, especially from her husband and childhood sweetheart Siddharth Shirur and an affirmative approach towards her dreams.
A person with strong determination, right attitude and amazing disciplinary skills; we at Karnala Sports Academy are extremely blessed and proud to be associated with Suma Shirur as our coach for Rifle Shooting.

Achievement comes out of fire in our subconscious mind that "I will win" - APJ Abdul Kalam

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Why Fitness goals cannot be just numbers

When you blow candles on you birthday cake, you convince yourself saying “Age is just a number.I am still young at heart”. Seriously! I mean you think your young heart can give you a healthy body? Well theoretically yes but realistically? Mr. X is only 30 years young at heart. One morning he wakes up all tired with aching joints. He conveniently blames the heavy bag that he had to carry up two floors of his apartment the previous day. Now his young heart is suddenly concerned of his physical fitness.He immediately makes aresolution of reducing some x kilos in next one month and startswith some rigorous exercise routine to achievehis numeric goals. Every morning he pushes his aching body and lazy muscles to go to gym and finally hiswill power stops showing its power and he gives up!
Please wonder! Are fitness goals just some numbers? Remember, you may reach your number but you may not be fit.Fitness is not just a physical phenomenon but also a measure of mental health. How about defining some realistic fitness goals here:
Goal #1: Build your stamina:
You bought an apartment on a high floor to enjoy the scenic views. God forbid, what if the lift stops working and you cannot climb stairs beyond two floors to catch those views? Unfortunately you cannot bring your house down instead you will have to bring your stamina up. Define your workout routine in a way that helps you do better day by day in your physical activities without much effort.
Goal #2: Achieve Flexibility
You are told tostand and touch your toes without bending your knees. Sounds like the simplest maths problem that you are sure to crack. But bump! You could not do this! Don’t be surprised. Blame the muscle inflexibility. Define a workout that will awaken your lazy muscles and help you achieve better flexibility.
Goal #3: Boost your energy 
You live on junk food; you sleep for 8-10 hours every day like a baby, yet wake up like a sloth. Reminds me of the ad where your soul is pushing your body to work beyond limits. Get habituated to eating healthy, maintaining good metabolism and keeping your deficiencies at bay. So that you can sleep like a baby and wake up like a chipmunk.
Goal #4: Develop Positivity:
It seems a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Feed your brain with some endorphins, it is the food for your brain to think positive. You will not find the need to take morphine then. Consistent exercise or workout routine will do the job for you. Your fitness goal is incomplete without a fit mind.
Goal #5: The Lifestyle
If you are the one who is stuck to his chair at work the whole day and have no time for anything else then please change your name to John because “All work and no play made John a dull boy”. Factor in some lifestyle changes that can cater to a healthy routine. 
No more wondering. Just redefine your fitness goals. Take it slow, take it steady and be consistent. 
Next time you climb the stairs of your high rise apartment, or blow your birthday candles you will be proud to say “I am young at heart, fit by body and happy by soul”.

Why should you become a member of Karnala Sports Academy ?

Translation is an act of recreation. At Karnala Sports Academy we have translated the definition of a lifestyle into a one stop destination for health, wellbeing and fun. Here we believe in the fact thatsports in the community are fun and recreation for everyone, not just the elite. While you ask why one should become a member of Karnala Sports Academy, we talk why we stand by our belief.

The Club Culture: Introduces you to the concept of habituating yourself to a blend of sports and recreation. A cocktail party in the multi cuisine restaurant, a dance party at our dance and music corner or catching up with buddies at the golf ground; you will have the privilege to socialize in the most exciting and rejuvenating atmosphere. As a member you enjoy free access to these facilities.

A Sports Academy with a vision: As a member you will have the privilege to get trained under some of thewell- known,world class sports trainers giving you the opportunity to move a step closer to your dream. The infrastructure for various sports offered at Karnala Sports Academy will help you take your sportsmanship to a new level and in the right direction.Members will get the benefits of discounted training charges.

A perfect destination for Corporate/Business events: As a member you will have the privilege to organize corporate events or avail the banquet halls for business meetings at special rates. Your business sales may go up and down but our service will stay forever. We bet you are in here to sign some good business deals and build great teams.

Age has no limit: When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, age has no bar. We offer family membership, corporate membership and individual membership. Every membership comes with its own benefits that you would not want to miss availing. Every facility from poolside café to the turf will have its own special offer for its member.

So what are you waiting for? Your search for the perfect sports academy that offers health, goodness and wellbeing under the same roof now ends at Karnala Sports Academy- the only academy in the entire Raigad and Navi Mumbai area to offer membership.

Karnala Sports Academy has been a successful journey of more than a decade of the Founder Mr. Vivek Patil and his team whose dedicated efforts culminated to build a one stop destination for major sports and cultural activities.

Karnala Sports Academy has delivered many talented and dedicated sports champions of world caliber till date and has lived up to its motto of inculcating the spirit of sports and culture in life.

In 2012, Karnala Sports Academy launched Mission 2020 under which the academy aimed to send at least one player to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, but its mission was realized when Ms. Ayonika Paul represented India at the RIO Olympics 2016 in the Women Air Rifle Shooting category under the able guidance of our star coach Arjuna Awardee Ms. Suma Shirur.

The Academy brings to you what Panvel craves for, a club culture in its truest sense. Spread over a vast lush expanse of 12.50 acres in the heart of the city, it exudes the grandeur of a classic club with contemporary design and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Olympic size swimming pool, International Shooting range, Cricket grounds, Badminton courts, Tennis courts, Taekwondo, Football Gymnasium, Cross Training and Kabaddi are some of the major sports training and facilities available at present.

Karnala Sports Academy is introducing swanky multi-cuisine restaurants, plush banquet hall, poolside cafes, Turf football, crazy golf, bouldering and wall climbing, three star executive rooms and much more as part of its upgrade stage. With state-of-the-art sport facilities, modern equipments, advance training techniques and intensive coaching we hope to bring out the best in our sports community.